An Important Message from a Personal Injury Attorney

Few people ever want to consider the need to have an attorney, but there are cases when one becomes necessary. Being involved in an accident of any sort, particularly one involving a vehicle, is such a case. There are simply too many factors to consider in the aftermath of an accident for the average person to handle on his or her own. You need a professional and experienced lawyer working on your behalf to assist you in getting back on your feet again. Here are just a few of the things that you must consider following an automobile accident.

Insurance Companies Can Be Tricky

Almost immediately after an accident you will discover the need to deal with your insurance company, and possibly that of the other party involved. You might think that this will be easy, especially if the accident was not your fault, but this is sadly not the case in many situations. Your insurance company might even contact you in the immediate days following an accident to offer you a quick settlement, and perhaps even a check on the spot. While you might be tempted to accept it, you will need a lawyer to help you consider all of your options first. This is why it is so important to consult with Russell & Hill Personal Injury Attorneys before accepting any offer from an insurance company.

Insurance companies do not always keep their client’s best interests at heart. In fact, they are out to protect their own profit and to report good earnings to their shareholders. This is why they will try to get you to settle your claim for far less than you actually deserve. They may also ask you leading questions designed to trip you up in terms of your statements and lead them to deny your claim on the basis of what you have told them. You can avoid that from happening by simply deflecting all such calls to your attorney. Let the firm deal with the insurance companies from the beginning, thus allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Take Care of Yourself

Your primary objective after a car accident should be to take care of yourself, any other passengers, and your family. If you are having to deal with legal issues in terms of getting financial compensation, that just prohibits you from being able to take care of your private affairs. Depending on the severity of the accident, you might very well have multiple doctor’s appointments and mounting bills to worry about. Time off work may be unpaid, and your ability to provide for your family might be compromised. All of this can weigh pretty heavily on even the most resolute of individuals. You can take much of that weight off your shoulders by having an attorney representing you every step of the way.

If you have been involved in an accident and believe you have a personal injury claim, contact an attorney in your area right away for a consultation.