Lawyer Urges Trump To Press Iran On Jailed U.S. Father And Son At Nuclear Talks

LawyerIn New York City, the maximum speed is 50 mph, which is the utmost velocity limit on all highways in New York City, including the FDR and West Side Highway/Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan, the BQE and Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, the Van Wyck, Clearview Expressway and Cross Island Expressway in Queens and the Deegan and Sprain in the Bronx. On many stretches of these highways, the velocity restrict is even lower and it is in these areas by which the NYPD will frequently set up speed traps to ensnare you into the DMV/TVB net.

Hy Fehl. This is a cool hub! I laughed at a few of the quotes but really laughed my ass off on the video. Who wrote that total CRAP!?? It is so nauseating. I needed to throw up, it’s so flat and monotone and lifeless boring nothing zero! But it seems designed that means! That’s … Read more