Conditions Of Release For Being Bailed Out Of Jail

When people are able to bail out of jail, judges often lay out sets of rules called conditions of release that those people must follow. Failing to follow such conditions of release can result in immediate incarceration and forfeiting all forms and amounts of bail that were posted to be released temporarily. Even if they are familiar with the bail bond system, most people are not, in fact, well-versed in the conditions of release. Here are several popular conditions of release, as well as need-to-know information about them.

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Why Are Conditions of Release Implemented?

Conditions of release are generally meant to make sure that the defendant comes back to court when their upcoming court hearings are. Another reason for judges assigning such conditions to defendants’ cases is to protect individuals who are close to those defendants and the community at large.

Some Defendants Aren’t Allowed to Be Around Guns or Weapons

People who have been involved in violent crimes, shown violent tendencies, carried illegal weapons, or inappropriately brandished them, among plenty of other activities, are often asked to refrain from using or being around guns and other weapons. Guns are more commonly mentioned in conditions of release than weapons for obvious reasons.

Temporary Restraining Orders

Defendants go to trial in an attempt to prove their innocence. As such, it’s not fair for judges to order permanent restraining orders on defendants to stay away from people who were involved in the case they just recently got locked up for. However, temporary restraining orders, both expressed in terms of people and places, are acceptable and commonplace.

Be Drug Tested

Many people have problems with substance abuse. Even though punishing people through the judicial system is no way to treat drug problems, many judges require defendants who bail out to submit themselves to regular drug screens.

Tons of people who have recently got arrested either get bailed out of jail or bail themselves out. Most people seek out bail bonds seattle wa because they don’t have enough money of their own to put forth. Either way, being free is infinitely better than being locked up until trial.