Despite Potential Reform, Criminal Defendants Still Face Uphill Climb Prior to Trial

Around the country, there are people gearing up for a fight on criminal justice reform. Many of these individuals are attempting to push reform to the bail bonding system. They believe that people should not have to pay a cash bond. This system, they argue, is discriminatory against the poor because it means poor people have to spend time in jail while the wealthy get to live free prior to trial. Despite these efforts to reform the bail bond system, many states have resisted change. Some have even made it more difficult for people to bond out of jail prior to trial. Here’s what the process looks like for people facing charges.

If you’re wondering how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA is an excellent test case for modern reform. There, the newly elected DA is trying to change some things in the system to make it more fair for criminal defendants. While these efforts have been exhaustive, there are still many people who face a high bond when they’re charged with crimes. In that city and many others around the country, people wanting to get their loves ones out of jail still need to make use of bail bonding companies.

The first step when your loved one is locked up is to call a bonding company. A good bonding company will be able to help find what jail the inmate is in and walk you through the process of getting him out. With bail bonding companies, you will usually have to pay a 10 percent fee. For instance, if your loved one has a bond of $100,000, you’ll have to pay 10 percent in cash to the bonding company. If you can afford to pay the whole bond yourself, then you won’t have to use a bonding company at all.

The good news for loved ones of defendants is that you can get the money back when you put up the bond. You don’t lose it forever. As long as the defendant shows up for court and doesn’t skip town, you’ll get the bond back.