Does Bail Help Prevent Overcrowding in Jails?

Poor conditions in jails are typically attributed to overcrowded conditions. Jails are where people who have been accused of crimes are held until their court appearance. Many times, the jails are used for convicted offenders awaiting transfer to a prison. Overcrowded jails can lead to a number of problems from unsanitary conditions to injuries.

Posting Bail Helps

One of the ways jails are kept from becoming too crowded is by allowing people who have been arrested to post bail. In almost all instances, when someone is accused of committing a crime and arrested, they can be released while awaiting their court appearance. The only exceptions are usually if the crime is particularly heinous or the public would be at risk if the accused is released.

Sometimes, people are released on their own recognizance. This means the judge believes they will show up for court. In other instances, the bail amount may be fairly low, and the accused or the defendant can put up the money for their release. Property can be used to secure a bail bond if it is allowed by the court.

What if the Bail is Too Much?

When bail amounts are more than the accused or their family can afford, they will generally contact a bail bondsman. For example, if a bail is set at $10,000, most people do not have this much to pay for their release or the release of a family member or friend. However, a bondsman will generally only charge 10{7266a8d21fe438270a6c9d7d849b3c1f10ae25bb2cb9ca29a98e722a083f7ed9} of this amount or $1,000 to secure the release of the defendant.

The bondsman may require additional security for the remainder of the bail. This could be a vehicle, boat, RV, or something else of value. The main thing is the defendant can be released from jail so they can return to work and their family. Rather than spending weeks sitting in an overcrowded jail cell, they will have their freedom as long as they show up for their court appearances. One choice of affordable bonding minneapolis mn is Twin Cities Bail Bonds.

If not for the ability to post bail, there would be thousands and thousands of people spending time behind bars. Building more jails would be the only alternative, and this is a costly and lengthy process.