Getting Help by Calling the Omaha Nursing Home Lawyers

When you trust others to take care of your elderly friends and family, you shouldn’t have to be concerned that they are not getting the treatment they deserve. Too many cases this year have been reported where a resident of a nursing home was treated poorly and as a result, sustained serious injuries. These are a few of the reasons to pick up the phone and consult with the Omaha nursing home lawyers today.

Bed Sores That Never Heal

Don’t just take the word of the staff that your loved one has an increase in bed sores because they refuse to cooperate or do not want to get out of bed. Your loved one may not be in the position to defend themselves or simply don’t remember, but the job of the staff at the nursing home is to keep the residents active and reduce the sores on the body. An increase only means someone is not doing their job, and this can be a life-threatening situation.

If you notice that your loved one has an increase in painful bed sores and their demeanor is worsening, it might be time to have the nursing home lawyers in Omaha take a closer look. The team has doctors they can consult with to see if the facility has a history of neglect or one worker, in particular, could be responsible.

New Bruises Without Explanation

One of the things that can happen with the elderly is that they fall all the time and get huge dark bruises all over their body. While this is something that can happen at any nursing home, it becomes a concern when these bruises are not healing, and they occur all too often. When your loved one is ignored and left to fend for themselves, they can often lose control and get hurt. If the staff is abusive, your loved one may not want to put themselves in more trouble so they day nothing. The nursing home lawyers in Omaha have ways to determine the extent of the problem and help you take action.

Visits to the Hospital

Even though a slip and fall injury is common for the elderly, if the result is your family member is being sent to the hospital too often, something could be amiss. The caregiver should be monitoring the movements of your loved one and reducing the chances of them getting hurt, not increasing them. At the hospital, your nursing home lawyers in Omaha will be able to let their doctors have a closer look to determine if this was foul play or neglect.

Although this may appear too challenging, your nursing home lawyers in Omaha have decades experience and bringing these type issues to the light to get retribution for your family.

Take advantage of the free initial consultation being offered by the Omaha nursing home law firm. The team will sit with you and discuss all the details of the case and focus on making certain your loved ones get the right care they deserve.