How To Hire A Reputable Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

When workers get hurt on the job and sustain serious injuries, they may find it beneficial to hire the help of a good workers’ compensation lawyer. Many businesses and insurance companies try to do whatever they can to not pay out a claim. Because of this, workers who get injured need to have someone working with them to ensure they get what they need to move on with their life. There are many law firms to choose from. Below are some tips for finding a reputable Portland workers comp attorney, such as the one found at

Online Reviews

The first step in finding a good workers’ compensation lawyer to hire is to perform a search online. This should be a guideline only. Many review sites will have comments and reviews from past clients of a variety of lawyers. Never hire a lawyer based off of online reviews only. You should always meet a lawyer in person for an initial consultation first.

Free Consultation

Like stated, it is a good idea to set up an initial consultation with a few lawyers you are considering. This will allow you to ask questions regarding your case and see what they think. If they feel you have a good case and seem eager to work with you, discuss the specifics before you sign any contracts. Most reputable lawyers will offer potential clients a free initial consultation. Because of this, you should meet with a few different lawyers before making your final decision on who to hire.


While cost alone should never be your sole decision-maker, it is still very important to discuss fees with potential workers’ compensation lawyers. Some attorneys charge by the hour and some will offer flat rate services. Have everything written in the contract before you sign it.

Getting hurt on the job can be a bad experience to go through, especially if you are having a difficult time getting your claim accepted. Hiring a reputable and confident lawyer will make the difference between getting the money you need for medical bills and missed work or not.