Problems of Domestic Violence and Individuals

Domestic violence has plagued families and the societies they lived in for as long as humans have existed. In the past, violence was kept secret, never shared with those outside the immediate family. When others did discover what was going on, instead of giving help and support to the victim, the abuser was the individual who found others supporting their actions. Abuse was seen as an acceptable means to get an unruly wife to toe the line or act like a more proper spouse.

Before, if a man abused his wife, nothing was done unless he was also drunk at the time or ‘accidentally’ murdered her. After the number of incidents became known, and more research was conducted, courts began sentencing men to jail. This did little to help stop the problem and men would return o their habits as soon as they were released.

Research in medicine, psychology, sociology, and related fields have greatly changed how most of Western society views domestic violence. The number of women in leadership positions and jobs that were traditionally held solely by men significantly brought women into the spotlight for their achievements and ways they benefit all people through their innovations. This has brought awareness of domestic violence increasingly higher than before.

Soon, judges began ordering men who abused their wives into offender programs as an alternative to jail time. This allowed them to work and provide for their families while also trying to save their marriages. The majority of men who abuse their wives do love them – it just so happens they end up abusing them, also. Society is stronger when the people living in them enjoy more stable lives, and if protecting marriages helps this, the government often supports it as a way to protect many other areas of daily life.

Constantly striving to keep up with society and the way people live, courts soon saw using the domestic violence online course as a way to make it possible for even more offenders to take part in these highly effective classes. This way, time constraints no longer caused missed meetings or classes, and privacy issues were also addressed.