Protecting Your Business at Every Stage

It would be easy to assume that as a franchisee you would have access to the franchiser’s legal experts and attorneys. In fact, you may not have access to these legal pros and instead be expected to retain your own legal counsel for your business.

Having a lawyer on retainer from the very start of your franchise could be a good decision especially since you may not know what legal dilemmas could arise during its operation. You can address legal challenges by hiring a business attorney, tax professional, or franchise law firm to represent you and your business.

Vetting the Right Firm

Before you put a law firm on retainer, you want to make sure that it can adequately represent you and be an asset to you as a franchise owner. You do not want to entrust the legal integrity of your business to a firm that has a poor track record or a record for not caring for its clients. You would rather have a firm on retainer that exceeds your expectations and takes your concerns seriously.

You can start the research process by first visiting the website of the law firm. The website introduces you to the attorneys that work for the firm as well as their professional vitae and track record representing clients like you.

You can also read up on what kinds of cases the firm has taken on in the past and what kind of outcomes all of the cases have had in court. This information can put your mind at ease that you are hiring a firm that can win a case for you in court if necessary.

Once you are comfortable with the firm’s reputation, you can then put it on retainer. You will have legal counsel available to you if or when you encounter a challenge to your business.

Having a law firm on retainer can be a valuable investment as a franchisee. You can head off legal troubles and deal with challenges to the reputation and integrity of your business by hiring a law firm that specializes in this area of law.