Reasons Judges Consent to Child Relocation

When you and a former partner or spouse work out a child custody agreement, you must agree on who is the custodial parent and how you will share any important decisions in the future. Custody agreements can change when the custodial parent moves to a new city or state. There are a few key reasons why a judge may consent to the relocation of a child.

Violations of Current Agreement

Judges will often agree to changes because one parent violated the current agreement. You might have full custody of your child and want to move to a new city because of a job offer. If your former partner violated your previous agreement in any way, the judge may side with you. This can include a parent who often skips visits with your child and a parent who does not pay a support order.

More Opportunities

If you can prove that a move will provide your child with more opportunities, the judge may also side with you. You and your attorney can create a list of those new opportunities and submit proof to the judge during your hearing. New opportunities may include access to a better school district and chances for older children to play more sports and engage in more extracurricular activities. Even if the judge consents to the move, your former partner still deserves the right to see your shared child.

Best Interests

With child visitation Hillsborough County residents and parents who live in other counties must agree to look out for the best interests of their children. If you are the noncustodial parent and only see your child a few times a month, you can ask the judge to stop your partner from changes locations with your child. The judge will look at whether remaining in the county is the best option for the child or whether a move will benefit him or her. You and your attorney can work together to create a case that shows the judge the reasons the court should or shouldn’t agree to relocation and a change in your current custody agreement.