Why Mediation Child Care Is Very Useful

Why Mediation Child Care is Required

So you have found yourself in a position where you and your other parents are no longer together. Regardless of whether you are fighting over arrangements, it is often a good thing to ensure that you are looking for ways to make your agreement for custody and visits that are clearly outlined in legal documents or with child custody lawyers. It is also important to ensure that each party truly understands the conditions they agree to. This will help ensure that there are not many problems later.

Two Types of Child Custody in Oklahoma Mediators

There are two types of mediators out there. There are private mediators that you recruit and then there are mediators appointed by the court. For the sake of argument, say they both did not see directly about the issue of custody and visitation. You both clearly love and care for the child. You want to make sure that every parent gets what is unfair for them, but what is fair to the child. Sometimes though, our love and various emotions can hinder our vision of what really is in the best interests of everyone involved.

When there is disagreement, one or both parties will submit a motion to the court. Basically, it was asked that there was such interference. You might want to march to the courtroom and tell the judge about your concerns and desires, but there is a good chance that you might never see a judge and if possible, that should be what you want. After all, for the next 18 years, you will have a lot of decisions to make between you and no judge in the middle of every discussion.

Mediation Process

Before anyone sees a judge, the court will appoint a third party non-bias mediator. You and your ex-partner will receive the date and time when the three of you will meet. This usually happens in the courthouse building. You are welcome to bring your lawyer if you have one. If there is a lot of fighting going on, it might be useful to hire a lawyer.

The mediator will talk to you both, generally in a separate room, to hear your opinions and desires. The mediator will go back and forth between you to try to resolve some agreements. Refuse everything because you prefer to take 5 nights compared to 4 hours of unfavorable time. You want to meet in a kind of middle ground. Not only will working through mediators save you a lot of time and frustration, but that will also save you a lot of money. And because the final agreement is included in the same legal document that the judge will provide, you should try it.

The Difference Between Mediation and Litigation

The difference between a mediator and a judge is that if there is no compromise between a parent or guardian, the mediator cannot enforce a decision, where a judge can. And because you might not like the opinion of a judge, you might want to do whatever you can to solve the problem with the help of a mediator.